​​​Shannon Amero Photography Studios

one size. (small) Floor length

Wardrobe & Accessories

one size, (small) floor length.  Shoulder accessory fits all.

two sizes available.  Floor length.

Black/white corset. fits up to size large.  White Tulle skirt, fits all.

Steampunk hat. Fits all.  Black Tulle Skirt, fits all.  Corset, fits to large, small jacket, fits to medium. Gloves and necklace fit all.

5months to 2 depending on child

size.  We had this clamped in the 

back to fit. Crown will fit

multiple sizes

Newsboy hat, two colors, fits multiple sizes. 

I have an extensive wardrobe collection and accessories in my studio for you to borrow for your session if you wish to do so.  I'm currently working on taking photos of all available gowns, skirts and accessories.  This is a huge undertaking so it will take some time.  I will keep updating this page as i finish.  

Unicorn Horn.  Multiple sizes

and colors.

Gold sequins.  Very short.  Two sizes, stretch

Two sizes, one black one wine. Above the knee